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Okay I am going to weigh in on flying the skies with un-united service! Recently we have all seen the instances, some not very peasant, of paying passengers pulled off, dragged off and told to get off overbooked flights. We even saw a CEO of one airline publicly support his aircraft staff in what was the worst case of "service bullying". Now those of us who have traveled frequently know this isn't new news but finally it has become an unacceptable behaviour-service issue because the media, politicians plus social media has finally given the practice overdue attention.

No one should find acceptable a business practice that regularly over-sells tickets for transportation or events. How would anyone feel, CEO or otherwise, if they arrived for a Blue Jays game (they do get sell-outs) to find at least 5% of the seats were sold twice or you were being asked to leave so team staff could have the seats? If it was a soccer game in Europe/Great Britain there would be a riot. 

So if you are in a business that sells tickets and seats and some don't show up or exchange for a different time, do you just counter act the cost with overbooking or do a customer-centric analysis and contingency action plan? Of course you should and there are reasonable solutions of many kind. To let this current practice get out of hand, literally, shows an industry not properly prepared for all contingency and they fly people all over the place every day.

In financial services there is a lesson here for us as well. Service is the backbone of any retailing business and if you aren't prepared for all imaginable contingencies then go back to the drawing board. Or, you also could become a service-social media falling star.

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