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As our readers know, we at WESI want to see more investments in Artificial Intelligence in our industry and elsewhere as leading technologies are headed that way. AI will not just help financial services but our lives in general especially with the significant growth in seniors everywhere (including at my place).

Royal Bank of Canada has always been proud and effective with its long history in adapting and innovating with technologies. We have learned that RBC Research in collaboration with the University of Toronto has opened  a state-of-the-art practice around machine learning with AI and Dr. Richard Sutton, an AI pioneer who has joined as head Academic Advisor. Also there is a RBC Research lab at the University of Alberta.

We encourage our readers to send us more information demonstrating AI leadership in the financial services industry.

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Come on airlines get back to the basics of customer service! Ever since the first United fiasco there has been a series of articles highlighting poor passenger service from not just one or two North American airlines but more. It appears that the industry does not walk the talk and one must view their service codes with a skeptical eye. Undoubtedly more events will reach the headlines from the past and the future. Will they change or hope that the noise will dissolve into the clouds? The whole series has built a serious break is their flight patterns and reputations.

Any industry could run into the same pitfall if customer service and experiences are not a priority from the CEO office down to the newest recruit. Take time to audit your track record and address any issues immediately. Even if service problems are resolved locally or regionally you want to know the occurrences and causes. Top management should review these reports weekly or no later than monthly. Your customers don't want to find irritants being passed over or brushed aside.

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