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Aviva acquired RBC's general insurance business a few months ago and ever since that time I have heard numerous complaints about their lack of customer empathy and proactive service. RBC should have taken their brand name back when the sale was completed as they are in the shadow of a company no where near the customer service standards that they maintained.

Tonight I had a call from a single mother who drove from Barrie to Milton to have supper with her 18 year old son. On Friday she had just gotten her car back after repairs at a Benz dealer which resulted when the vehicle was parked and hit by a driver who was at fault of course. In her drive the engine and coolant lights came on and she was afraid to make the return drive home. She called Aviva's service number for guidance and assistance and was on hold for an hour after which the call was dropped. A complaint has been registered with the company. After over 2 hours she was riding in a tow truck back home. This a woman who is active on social networks and is now on a mission to redirect others away from Aviva.

Obviously Aviva didn't go to the same customer service school as RBC and many of its disgruntled clients.

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