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In the rural area of this office it is evident that one of the major banks are in the process of rationalizing their branch network driven from the headquarters perspective. Undoubtedly they have done their homework but how execution is handled in the communities which will leave the lasting impressions. First there is a village of say 800 people with probably a draw from agricultural operations of another 200 souls. The village is less than 20 minutes from a small regional city. Obviously the people in or around the community do most of their shopping/dealing and work in the city and online. The facts will clearly show that the branch is not profitable on any scale especially on a fully absorbed cost basis. Shouldn't be a problem if the communications are honest and believable.

In the small city, the downtown is in a semi-decay state as the shopping is done at the east and west end malls and national brand stores. The major banks are all represented on the downtown strip in large structures with inconvenient parking and merchant struggles to attract people. The bank closing the village branch nearby has announced that it is relocating the city branch out to the east end shopping area. Unfortunately here is were planning falls apart! The regional executive making the announcement stated that headquarters has made the decision since the lack of handicap access and parking is not acceptable. Downtown is now upset as they see this as a step backwards to their rejuvenation efforts.

You never want buck passing for decisions to some invisible person in head office- everyone is on the same team-it is we!

Secondly be truthful. The five big bank branches in a 2 block area are not as active, poorly located for customer convenience plus the financial are no doubt trending poorly. From where we sit it is better to be the first to relocate but get the messages fine tuned and delivered by a team player.

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