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We are coming to the end of another calendar year and in starting 2019 our success will continue to be built on people centricity- customers and talent.

Regardless of the time or situation, the customer is first and foremost for our financial services industry. Customer engagements/experiences take place millions of times everyday and therefore service and sales perceptions are the reality where the "rubber meets the road". How well do you know present and target customers? Do you undertake preference research regularly and how are you massaging the data you have on customers? Organize around your customers and don't waste money on product or channel competitions internally and for sure demonstrate a cohesive front to customers as an organization within your various business divisions. Customers have all the access and more of the technology tools that allow them to control relationships and they can integrate and aggregate what they want virtually.

Internally, continuous investments in people/talent is more crucial than ever and complacency must not be allowed to creep in and let people coast on past successes. Employees all need a meaningful role which recognizes the customer priority and the strategic pressures of external trends. To do this our cultures must cultivate autonomy, innovation, challenge and motivated commitment. The best people are needed to compete and win for the customer and the shareholders as well as themselves. No one can ignore the technological threats internally as well as in cyberspace. Our weakest links with cyber security can be our own people resources if they you don't have the talents and enterprise risk management culture everywhere. Challenge people to improve their knowledge and vigilance of the dynamic threats in the mirror and on the outside.

If people are the foundation of your business and that focus consumes your organization you will have sustainable profitability, strategic agility and a visible social conscience inside and outside.

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