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We are in a stage of economic turmoil mainly caused by political ineptness so are markets a bargain for consumers and big banks? Investing has to be for the long term and consumers must have objective goals that protect their wealth and maintain liquidity for downturns. The one issue for those carrying heavy mortgage balances is the potential for rising rates which will make incremental rates difficult to accommodate. We also do see some early signs of softening in some real estate markets which erode equity for some. Individuals and their banks can proactively take steps to minimize these negative impacts, and should do so.

On the other hand the big banks are being scrutinized for not taking advantages of acquisitions to increase shareholder returns similar to American institutions. The writers trying to give advise should look at the historical track records of both industries as well as the precarious political tax incentives available in the USA from a lame duck President who decreases taxes in the short term without understanding the long term cumulative effects of increased spending. With global trade and tariff battles going on caution is the over riding guide for a steady performance course.

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