BLOG: The Eagles Nest


Happy New Year to all. 2018 saw our industry receive a few scars in Canada, USA and abroad from Wells Fargo's continuous series of blunders to RBC's tainted data mining in collaboration with Facebook.There maybe more skeletons in our closets but let's hope they are handle with professionalism and integrity in a world dominated by social media.

No doubt 2019 will also bring to light new troubling actions and behaviours which public relations management and the CEO offices will be challenged to mitigate quickly. The current recessionary vibrations could generate negative customer impacts that you have to be prepared to deal with in a timely and truthful manner. If there are key issues you can build a response strategy for do it now not after it blows up in our faces. Tactics need to include front line channel staff and all team leaders with the CEO front and centre on serious situations. Please don't blame the invisible computer, headquarters, central credit approvers or policy manual. Each FI has a brand to manage which also impacts the industry's image and public opinion.

Be prepared for all enterprise risks!

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