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Very disappointed this week with my RBC and its inability to contain a complaint where they are totally at fault in B.C. reprocessing the wrong automobile from the wrong person and allowing the story to get national attention. Making the scene worse is dragging the issue out and not quickly admitting the error and compensating the individual beyond expectations. If the bank can't maintain proper records, checks and balances on one car, people have to question their ability to protect customer records from internal human risks.

At one time the bank had a centralized Solution Centre which acted quickly and uniformly across the country to contain all complaints for expert and speedy validation and resolution. This situation appeared to be handled or mangled regionally by less than priority attention and public relations expertise. Once a story such as this is broadcast on multiple mediums it is out of your control and containment measures.

Always treat every complaint as an opportunity to exceed expectations and learn from the digital dynamics. Plus make the customer/prospect feel respected and that your interest is genuine- don't let your defensive barriers get in the way.

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