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Service surveys have been an important barometer in managing customer relationships and prospect attraction strategies for many years since that is what drives profitability. Some FI's take it seriously with a variety of tools while others pay lip service to the research and monitoring. We have always believed in multiple measurements at different frequencies through all channels and departments, even those without direct customer contact. Recently at the end of a transaction with an employee in a branch (I don't visit branches very often anymore) I was asked to give the top rating if I received a service survey request because anything less would negatively affect their performance bonus. Wow! This totally undermined my beliefs on how service research should be conducted, it's purpose and benefits. All financial retailers should want truthful feedback in order to identify areas where improvements can be made to improve and build loyalty. Hopefully objective research is more the norm than the subjective encouragements by employees.

First there has to be a corporate strategy which states the importance of customer service to the organization. Next every area of the operation needs to isolate positive actions to build the desired state and appropriate measurements for progress and remedial initiatives as well as to include a key service result area in every role.. 

Then there needs to be an objective consolidation of all external and internal research to establish a corporate profile of strengths and weaknesses in customer service. There is no witch hunt implied and one negative,isolate case doesn't represent the norm. Professional assessments are imperative on every aspects of your business by external and internal customers.

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