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WESI has enjoyed many years for individual and team coaching from Boards and CEO's to middle management and even new recruits. These customized interpersonal initiatives are built around peoples' strengths and priorities. Generally there is a real or perceived problem when it is a Board situation such as Directors not communicating with each other. On the other hand CEO's, especially in smaller FI's normally don't have an internal resource which can challenge them and help them grow. With middle management it is simply unleashing the potential that exists for the organization and the people. These are fun sessions with specific agenda focuses which will let people partner with others on a rotating basis plus understand the whole group's dynamics when collaboration is required. Actually, middle management usually contains a few diamonds in the rough which need to be polished and allowed to strategically sparkle.

Generally coaching works best prior to entering strategic discussions when the blinders have to come off and all the known and unknown options are place in front of participants. Secondly, once the Strategic Plan is documented, coaching again is essential to evaluate all action options relative to vision, values and performances goals which you want to exceed. Although none of us enjoy having to deal with unexpected diversions, those are also times to bring in the coaches so you don't just look in the mirror.

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