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Is your organization truly a customer-centric one or do you have distractions that dilute your competitive impacts? Year-end is a good time to audit/review where you stand internally and externally with your customer experience (CX).

Start with assessing your vision, values and core strategies and verify that customers are what drives your business and permeates the corporate culture from the top throughout. Every strategy should have positive impacts on customer engagements and experiences. In fact evaluate the expected beneficial lift for all stakeholders in quantifiable terms/goals.

Next go to each action/program/initiative and objectively determine if progress is on track to improve CX and meet or exceed expectations. If results are disappointing undertake corrective analyses and re-introduce the program. You also want to perform internal and external research to find if there are gaps in staff beliefs,commitments and customer catalysts. At this stage, walk around unexpectedly to ask and assess first hand the customer focused atmosphere of you organization in staff and line functions. Also initiate some customer focus groups including confidential questionnaires to obtain feedback on current impressions and preferences going forward. These primary inquires will summarize synchronization of expectations or conflicts to be resolved. If you undertake this audit in an organized fashion a road map for customer experience reviews will emerge and this template can be utilized annually for comparative purposes. Customer experiences do drive profitability!

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