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Big Brother is alive and well in Canada as StatsCan has request numerous banks to release a half a million customers' banking data to them, without peoples' approval, in an ongoing basis so it can aggregate the data for forecasting purposes instead of using the past mail out surveys. Here's a government that can't even operate a properly functioning payroll system for its own employees wanting access to banks' internal data.  Protecting individual's privacy has to be a key priority of all businesses and citizens need to have that security comfort.

If individuals volunteer to give governments access to their data after thoroughly understanding the risks and values, that is their decision. But, to force banks to open data collection off their systems by an outside organization is totally unacceptable even if it is Big Brother. StatsCan should find other more acceptable methodologies to collect research data like any private sector business and back away from using government clout to force banks to release customers' data without their approval.

Security concerns must be understood by all concerned when a third party intercepts what is suppose to be protected, private data of people and organizations. Undoubtedly, if this is permitted, other government departments will be sniffing around to do the same. Personally, if I found my FI releasing my banking data to any government department, I would close my account and move to a bank that guaranteed my privacy against such intrusions.

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