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Last weeks Bank of Canada report on quarterly intentions cools their direction for continued rate increases. In fact, the international, national and inter-provincial economic discords are getting louder fueled by politicians who don't understand integrated global economic benefits which if disrupted erode financial footings every where even in the perpetrators own backyards. Tariffs on tariffs, taxes on taxes and threats on threats are destroying economic underpinnings and long term value creation which will strain our financial systems and eventually injure individual consumers with job losses and credit deterioration. The financial industry can visualize the potential negative impacts and more can be done to privately or publicly educate politicians on the fallout. 

When major trading blocks are in chaos without knowledgeable leadership, the resulting consequences are long term economic pain and financial uncertainty. Progress is under attack and politicians need to come down from their power pestles and get in touch with their peoples' economic well being.

Pat Palmer | Sunday, December 09, 2018 | Trackbacks (0) | Permalink


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