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Over the last year we have all watched the new elected leader of the USA with distrust! In a global economy when one of the players says. and means, "It is my way or the highway"  the atmosphere becomes negative. The NAFTA negotiations are NOT going well after 25 years of mutual benefits and collaboration. The whole spectrum of that agreement if it is unwound in any key ways will surely erode Canadian business and individual jobs. Now there is an executive order for extremely damaging tariffs on core Canadian exports to the USA.which will be devastating to our economy and futures. Risks on financing directly involved and dependent industries plus employees therein have become precarious. Anyone who thinks that tariff wars are easy to win is on the wrong planet.

The holistic economic consequences of the USA trade war rattling in all its actions and attitudes will set us back significantly. Sure, we have to revise our strategic and contingency plans but also we have to start strongly lobbying our political leaders not to stick their heads in the sand or dance with the devil any longer. As an industry and country we must develop and expand improved economic partners that we can depend on today and for the future. Our customer and staff depend on our leadership to be proactive to benefit all peoples and the planet.

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