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To-night's national news cast on Globle TV just presented a story which embarrassed BNS for its handling of fraud in a customer's account. I am sure that the bank's fraud management process is not as bad as depicted but perhaps the human factor dropped the ball in the case broadcast.

First rule of everything we do in financial services is focus on the customer and respect their dignity and privacy.That means that the customer is always in the loop from the first step. Hiding or neglecting that principle opens the door to material profile and risk problems. In fact a story like that can create people paranoia which will generate negative questions and inquiries.

Second, even if there is human error in handling this or any other case, you must do a post mortem on the particular incident plus review your fraud and risk management operations.

How quickly and customer-centric this follow-up experience is resolved is important to the bank and their customers' perceptions.

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