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If you regularly follow our publications and writing you know that we are followers and contributors to The Global Futures Forum lead by David Smith out of the UK. His most recent effort has focused on 3D Printing under his Global Futures and Foresight library and you can expect to see reports coming on banking, financial capital markets, talent, etc in the next few weeks <>

With our recent subjects on technology/data and fraud I went back into David's library and quickly reviewed The Future of Data Security in Financial Services. The core of this section was written by Advanced 365 <> and is well worth the read at this time especially with the StatsCan situation. Also it is timely for your Enterprise Risk Team to also re-quaint themselves with the content therein. 

We have a trust responsibility with the data we hold or that which passes through, and in, plus out of our organizations. Infringements on privacy lead to significant liabilities which can be destructive to the foundation of the financial services business.  

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