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The North American announcements by GM of plant closures sent wicked waves of pre-Christmas shock through countries, communities and citizens whose livelihoods are negatively impacted. Business decisions of this magnitude generally are overdue plus have lasting consequences in every public and private quarter plus erode brand equity.

There are many clear messages here for all governments, corporations, dependent towns and cities, as well as individuals. Unfortunately the declining sales at GM plus technology trends for vehicles finally reached a strategic crisis which also suggests there will be other future re-engineering moves for survival.

Here are just a few highlighted take aways:

Always ensure that you have a solid public relations plan and empathetic schedule of follow-up events for negative announcements.

Publish the decision business case to all impacted parties together with any remedial actions to lessen the fallout on various stakeholders.

Focus on subsequent opportunities and growth in the company's universal strategic future.

Encourage the technology training/ retraining, adaptations and investments everyone needs to make i.e. businesses, communities, current and future employees plus educational institutions.

Technology has and will continue to drive accelerated change in every economy and all peoples' lives. Continuous education and embracing technological changes are required for survival throughout everyone's future. Investments in talent development and recruiting are the priority! Complacency and lack of adaptation agility will surely result in obsolesce fallout for dependents. Financial institutions take note of these strategic environmental issues and impacts.

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