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Huawei is all over the global media and especially throughout Canada, China and the USA. Perhaps the recent events have been beneficial in crystallizing the issues around Huawei and our industry going forward should immediately take stock on current inventories/arrangements.

Huawei is prolific in online media and promotions and when you turn on Hockey Night in Canada their name jumps out as a key sponsor. Also there is an awareness that the company's technologies are leading edge and intrusive in the financial service industry. Legitimate concerns exit around the company's motivation and orchestration behind the scene by the Chinese government in our cyber world. Obviously China is quick to step in and retaliate when Huawei officials land in legal situations, which therefore become political hot potatoes. 

So not only is the technology control a concern but also the lives of our citizens for which China has little democratic integrity or concern. Before we go any further, re-assess your direct and indirect involvement through suppliers with the company and adjust your strategic sourcing and strategies. Huawei competitors are well known to our industry and they carry less business and people risks to our livelihood. Technological espionage and influence by countries such as China and Russia are realities already so be vigilant in all your dealings and social networks.

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