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Canada's national newspaper today reported on the Facebook 2015 sale of personal, private information of members' "friends" information to major retailers' so they could harvest the data for target selling offers. One of the companies mentioned was RBC Royal Bank of Canada. I expect there will be some very senior comment from the bank and Facebook as to if they had the consent, or not, of those customers. If not, there has been a major ethical, privacy and leadership breach of personal information similar to what StatsCan was recently trying to expand which created a national backlash from the CBA, Government Opposition, media and average organizations and individuals, such as, us. 

Apologies, dismissals and policy changes may be non negotiable now and if there isn't a timing response, I expect that the media, politicians and the public will to generating an outcry which should be the loudest from RBC customers.

It is damage control time- with honest, integrity and corrective actions. Some of us past and current employees are dumb founded at the moment.

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