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Another significant negative story concerning some insurance company claims came out last week with regards to HST costs related to claims. A half dozen companies, some with close bank ties, were highlighted for not compensating claimants for HST on relate costs. One was Aviva which took over RBC's general insurance operations. As a highly satisfied RBC customer and retiree, I am equally dissatisfied with the acquirer. I have only one policy left there until renewal time. The culture, people, processes and programs are drastically different even though they try to hide behind the RBC valuable name.

When you have an insurance partner/collaboration there must be some brand management responsibility between the two and when news stories and customer complaints are leveled there should be a joint, on-going review process. Bottom-line results are impacted by dissatisfied customers and negative publicity.

Pat Palmer | Monday, November 05, 2018 | Trackbacks (0) | Permalink


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