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Every generation and gender provides challenges for governments, politics and business from both a customer and employee perspective. Material differences exist between, say, a baby boomer and millennial as well as women and men, and these characteristics will create exponential volatility as time progresses. For the marketer, whether  in the private or public sectors one has to have dynamic research to keep in touch let alone follow the leading edge of trends and tastes.

The young adults in Gen Z, Millennial or Gen X sub-groups are the future of our businesses and social well being. It is imperative therefor to  uncover and understand each generation's/segment's viewpoints.

For example, in politics today young adults and women are the powerful segments to mobilize, involve and elect. Their numbers, energy and influence shouldn't be under-estimated. Personally, there is a hope that this year's election in Canada will be a watershed event for these contributors. 

Likewise, for every business there is an imperative to better engage and provide the right experiences to unique segments as employees and customers- contributors on their terms with their aspirations. Many sizable organizations will not be career destinations as entrepreneurial spirits are booming plus the Internet is accelerating those opportunities.

We can not assume that our historical "gut feels" will meet the strategic challenges. Expand your feedback mechanisms, live focus groups and online panels plus expose more team leaders/management to these activities. More listening is essential!

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