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Does your organization have a formal mentoring program on a selective or universal basis? Some FI's only have assigned mentors and a specific process for their most promising officers. Then there are small corporations which have a very selective approach and contract with proven external mentors.

To start, ask the question do you have people who have the skills, knowledge and desire to be effective in the role. One danger is to believe that all senior officers should be mentors without assessing their aptitudes and attitudes- wrong decision. In such a case those being mentored can be at a disadvantage with the wrong assignment. Even if there is a mentor performance measurement be careful as to what is being rated and how. Interim and post surveys are generally used as long as there is a commitment to addressing weaknesses and improper selections on either side. Don't allow poor mentors to erode your human resource assets.

In selecting candidates to receive mentoring, there is a two-sided set of benefits to be established- for the organization and for the individuals. Finding the diamonds in the rough is the goal.

Personally I enjoyed mentoring in my business and volunteer careers- real personal satisfaction during the engagement and afterwards watching the individuals succeed. In fact, having a young, intelligent and energized candidate helps the mentor to grow and tap into the motivators and emerging technologies that consume their proteges.

Ensure that mentoring is a strategic objective with associated actions and regular reviews.

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