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Another article all over the media yesterday states that "big banks are providing insufficient protection for people" relating to previous criticisms of pushy sales staff trying to sell unwanted or unneeded products and services. My problem is the lack of public relations by banks discussing what they are doing to again legitimize their sales cultures as customer -centric. The Ottawa inquiry yielded what? Are complaints still pouring in or is there an issue carry over simply because some organizations have their heads in the sand and media like to bash banks.

Every financial institution has to engage customers and prospects to understand how the bank/credit union can improve peoples' financial well being. This process starts with customer need identification and flexible empathy scripts. In other words try to offer solutions to personal financial problems/inadequacies in a manner that generates engagement. This is quite different than a product-centric culture where sales silos compete by pushing their products at everyone.

Once a sales culture is off the tracks, it is time to do an internal audit and external research on customer preferences to set the criteria for re-designing and re-orienting the proper atmosphere and experiences. Staff and customers need to be kept informed throughout the process. Proactive, positive publicity plus sales and service education on a continuous are the priorities as well as ensuring the solicitation of feedback, both positive and negative, from all people inside and outside  the organization

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