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The name of this post reflects reality for many authors, university professors, researchers and others but can also be a message for many businesses especially financial institutions who give the impression that they are too reserve about their good deeds. Sure profits are a strategic driver as are people and planet! What you do for your customers and employees which shows extra empathy and dedication should be shared in your market communities, advertising and advertorials. Likewise, the environment is a critical today and for the future generations and everyone can do their contributions for a better planet. In fact we know of many exciting initiatives of our FI contacts that don't get enough external press but things are shared internally on a rationed basis.

Sure there is a lot of focus on the media these days regarding fake news in the political arenas but lets not back away from real positive publications to inspire our people and give an incentive to others. Publish or we will get lost in the abundant negativity bombarding us daily.

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