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In our highly competitive multi-channel industry the effectiveness of our customer centricity is what drives our service and sales through personalized engagements and developments. Generally marketing people attempt to be more synchronized to customer and prospect behaviours than competitors in their promotions, product designs pricing and proactive offerings. Not too many senior management get involved in the processes or final customer messages but they "have gut feelings" which they will make known, hopefully in a curiosity way not a controlling intent. Then again there are simple ways through which anyone from the customer to the CEO can perform an audit of the institution's customer empathy and focus.

First you can survey all your promotion material and advertising to see if the messages are addressed to the customer and not text to win prizes. Are your key segments addressed and engaged.

Secondly, use all your channels periodically and listen to scripts and conversations to determine who or what is the focus- the customer or your products.

Finally, take time to check search engines on the internet and your own site. If you do a google search from a customer's perspective are you in the first couple windows or are you invisible. Then go to your web site and put in a couple customer questions e.g. (Snowbirds) How can I finance a winter property in Florida?  or (Gen X) I own my own home, what is the best way to finance a new car? We do these searches regularly especially when we see advertisements promoting a particular solution to consumers.  Even the large banks don't do well on some of these audit searches of their sites.

Generally, most of the question answers have been developed by non-customers and there is not the realization of what way people will ask critical questions. Customer centric solutions will be profitable if you lead prospects to your propositions.

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