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The holiday season always seems to bring out the best and worst in people and it the latter case more than we care to see seniors are victims. Since this segment is heavy into the Internet there are many phishing and online fraud initiatives targeted at them. Also general media promotions tempt them to solicit romance to repairs, neither one gets the desired outcome, Still there are the phone frauds from fake CRA calls to ransom threats. National and local stories regularly report incredible hardships and losses incurred both financially and emotionally. 

Our financial services industry and some local organizations have a priority to alert and protect seniors with education. information and inquiries around unusual transactions. Every FI has a senior segment so there is a universal responsibility to strengthen our proactive and reactive efforts.

First, all staff need an empathy for seniors which can start with a customized orientation program or at least everyone reviewing government information on sites such as <> followed up by ongoing educational announcements in all channels including a library of alerts and phone numbers.

Second, with our big data we can target messages to the most vulnerable in certain scams and have unusual transactions trigger cautions.

Thirdly, organizations can collaborate with local groups such as the police, mental health professionals, etc to broadcast via community cable stations or online, programs for the protection of seniors. It is important to let these people know that they shouldn't be embarrassed to come forward to us or an appropriate authority. We have a responsibility! 

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