BLOG: The Eagles Nest


Wells Fargo Bank continues to teach us what not to do regularly. If it isn't auto insurance, it is technical glitches and now before Christmas erroneous foreclosures and total lack of customer empathy. When you see management leaving voluntarily, and otherwise, there is something rotten in the house. Blaming it on technical problems which never seem to get fixed and reoccur is a strong signal that people are not following up and don't know what they are doing.

If you want details on the embarrassing foreclosures, check out the CNN story on December 12. Totally callous and begging for law suits. People with health issues being kicked from their homes wrongly and then sending them a cheque for $15K in hopes that will pacify the customers hurt-not one or two, but hundreds. Totally scary to the point that regulators and legislators should be jumping all over them and turfing management responsible.

I expect that they will see an accelerated exit of customers and staff until they re-professionalize and re-build customer-centricity throughout the organization- lots more pain ahead!

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