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I don't know about you but I have zero tolerance for organizations that profess to have zero tolerance policies when it comes to racism and profiling and their people and culture as well as management don't demonstrate that reality.

The recent episode at the Hilton/Doubletree Hotel in Portland Oregon is another graphic example of policy and management not in sync with life on the front line. A registered hotel guest,because he was black was escorted out of the premises  after staff called the police who also didn't act in a reasonable manner in protecting an average citizen from being treated racially. There have been many other similar examples recently at Starbucks and even a bank where a man simply wanted to cash his pay cheque and the teller had the police called to remove him from the facility as he is black!  Then the companies shout out that they have zero tolerance when it comes to racism in their operations and cultures or they shut down their business for a day to conduct diversity training- total BS! Training should already have been done and regularly reinforced from the time a policy was enacted. You don't get public relation points for doing what should have been completed all along. Top management has a responsibility to ensure that diversity training is entrenched in the culture.

Financial institutions have tried to ensure that hiring practices recognize the diversity of the market place but have they actually ensured that interpersonal relations are respectful and represent how people are to be treated as employees and/or customers? Since the Starbucks event I won't enter their facilities and now I will give up my Hilton Honours Club membership after many loyal decades. I have zero tolerance for any organization that doesn't practices what they preach. Take the time to ensure that racism of any degree is not allowed to arise under your watch.

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