Executive Team 

Pat Palmer, Principal Leader

As Principal Leader of Where Eagles Soar Inc. Pat Palmer leads an international federation of experts and partners in opening new frontiers in financial services provided to individuals and businesses.

He has over 50 years experience in the financial services industry, most recently as a senior executive responsible for customer delivery and quality for Royal Bank of Canada, where he held a variety of executive positions for almost two decades. He has been an innovator in both domestic and international business especially in marketing, sales, cash management, delivery channels, strategic planning and people management. He was the first sales & service executive at Royal Bank of Canada, who designed the culture infrastructure support programs and training programs for both retail and business personnel in the mid-1980’s. Subsequently he was one of the most successful field sales managers in the largest Canadian Province. As the senior executive responsible for distribution and quality in the 1990’s, Pat designed a customer-centric staff and customer satisfaction architecture, which has contributed to Royal Bank of Canada’s pre-eminent position in this area.

Judy Johnston, Executive Leader

Judy has worked in the financial services industry for 31 years, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the organization of marketing and sales programs, as well as in the area of rewards and recognition. She has worked with clients in Australia, Canada, the Caribbean and the United States on a variety of people focused projects.

For Canada’s largest bank, she was involved with developing sales & service programs as well as related communications to the public and staff. In particular, she architected annual sales programs and processes which involved 100% of staff, and helped lead Royal Bank to industry growth leadership in the Ontario market.

Randy Gilbert, Senior Leader

Randy is an accomplished Human Resources practitioner and strategic business partner who brings both an in-depth HR expertise and practical business experience to the task of building top tier organizations.

 With over 30 years experience in the financial services industry, Randy's primary focus recently has been in the areas of top talent management, organizational excellence, board management and governance, as well as market driven compensation strategies. In addition, Randy has also had extensive experience in succession planning, executive coaching and development, employee opinion surveys, attraction and retention strategies, leadership development and change management.
 His international experiences have included Human Resource responsibilities and or assignments in the United States, England, Hong Kong and India, and spans both credit union and retail, corporate and investment banking environments

Hugh Oddie, Senior Leader
Hugh brings to bear three decades of diverse experience to his work. For ten years he was an Investment Banker, marketing international capital market issues and loan underwriting for Sovereign governments, multinationals and private sector customers in the Americas, Europe and the Pacific Rim. His career culminated as an Executive Director on the Board. Subsequently, he worked in Retail Banking for a similar period, at the head office marketing level in Canada's largest bank, growing the Private Banking practice from 2 centres to over twenty domestically and integrating the international units into a world wide, world class capability.
In a broader context, he created new ways of looking at customer information to drive revenue generation; through business redesign, marketing strategies and analysis. Championing innovative research methods he started the foundations of a deeper understanding and development of internal and external brand. For the last decade, Hugh has taken his capabilities out into wider business arenas through consulting. He has brought innovation into the fields of finance, customer experience, transport, loyalty, brand, and personal development. Hugh is equally adept in working one on one, with teams or in a multi-disciplinary project initiative, always adding a positive ingredient that wasn't there before.

Lucille Cozier, Leader
Lucille is a highly motivated, people oriented call centre professional. Her strong call centre industry leadership and people relationship skills are a continuously exhibited result of life long learning and almost three decades of financial industry experience with a Canadian global leader.
During the past seven years she has developed strategic plans; led facility, operations and people start-ups; set process benchmarks; and managed the totality of a specific growth site in state of the art call centres, always reaching for new levels of performance.

Joy McKrow, Senior Leader 
Joy’s expertise lies in the operations processes and functional areas of financial services.

With 35 years of industry experience; over 30% of which is international, Joy has significant depth and breadth of knowledge relating to centres of expertise, home of best fit and core end-to-end processes. She worked in the internal consulting group of one of Canada’s largest banks for 13 years and has hands on experience across Retail Banking business platforms as it relates to process optimization and redesign in operations environments.

With a strong focus on the client Joy understands the impact and cost of poor quality and processes as it relates to customer and employee satisfaction, as well as the bottom line. 



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