Human Performance 

Strategic Human Resource Management continues to evolve in today's ever changing competitive landscape, demanding new HR capabilities and processes to enable your organization to better serve your customers and differentiate yourselves from your competitors. The four basic outcomes of today's HR function - strategic execution, administrative efficiencies, employee contribution, and capacity for change - are more important than ever before, especially as it relates to globalization, customer intimacy, operational excellence, learning cultures and so on; and therefore you need to ensure that your HR practices can make these deliverables happen.

WESI's experienced team is all about supporting your organization to add value to your investors, customers and employees, and to enable you to translate your business strategies into HR priorities. Our HR organizational audits focus on building synergies to your business strategies, including shared mindset, competitive consequence, governance, capacity for change, and leadership.
Tactically, we can work with your board of directors relative to board management and governance issues, as well as with senior management and your HR team to move your agenda forward. Our core competencies include organizational excellence and design, talent assessments, succession planning, executive coaching, market driven compensation strategies, employee opinion surveys, as well as training and development.
Our goal is to establish a partnership to deliver value and make your organization more competitive through effective HR priorities and capabilities - to create an organization that can change, learn, move and act faster than your competition.

Organization Design
Provide leading edge organizational enterprise design and structure to ensure maximum talent and market effectiveness.

Assess, design and implement strategic organization wide Human Resource planning processes and activities to ensure optimum employee utilization and development.

Training and Development
Determine the effectiveness of the current training program offerings, as well as develop and deliver client focused learning events and leadership forums that generate enhanced bottom line results.

Recruitment and Staffing
Provide in-depth assessments of existing staffing and recruitment activities, especially as it relates to retention and/or attraction strategies for top talent executives and senior management in order to ensure results that both strengthen the organization and build excellence.

Succession Planning
Review and assess current practices, as well as design and implement client centric organizational success planning processes and activities focused at executive and high potential management employees.

Market Driven Compensation
Provide in-depth needs analysis, recommendations and program design implementation strategies for dynamic market driven compensation and benefit requirements, focused at either specific individuals, teams or enterprise wide.

Employee Opinion Surveys
Review and assess current practices and results, as well as design and develop client centric employee opinion surveys that subsequently provide meaningful action oriented solutions.

Board of Directors Support
Assess current Board activities and dynamics and subsequently provide focused recommendations and practical solutions to maximize Board effectiveness and governance activities. (e.g. growth/ acquisition strategies, integration, succession, roles and responsibilities, interpersonal, etc.)

Organizational Excellence
Provide an overall holistic organizational review from a human capital perspective - an all encompassing assessment of leadership, structure, talent, policies, procedures and programs.

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