"Where Eagles Soar is by far the most effective consulting group I have ever worked with. Their extensive experience, combined with their exceptional insight and knowledge of today’s global market, enables them to get to the heart of the strengths and weaknesses of a business in order to develop sound, practical and successful strategies. Perhaps what really sets them apart from other organizations in this field is their unwavering commitment to see their clients succeed. The level of engagement and support that WESI has provided will be one of the most important elements to our future growth and financial sustainability."

Marie T. Mullally, FCA 
President & CEO 
Credit Union Atlantic 
Halifax, Nova Scotia 

"Northern Credit Union partnered with WESI back in 2005 to work with our team to develop a blueprint to become a truly member centric focused credit union.  They recognized the cultural crossroads we were at as a credit union that was relying on perceived member loyalty and price driven campaigns to generate growth.  In order to shift our focus they conducted the proper size-up involving all stakeholders and based upon their findings developed a plan to build the required sales and service environment that has shifted everyone’s thinking to “what is best for the member”.  And the results are happening – member relationships have deepened – our balance sheet growth in consecutive years has been unprecedented.  It does take time, it is still about continuous improvement and reinforcement and both Pat Palmer and Judy Johnston have been there as partners, committed to and passionate about ensuring the success of the sales and service journey they developed and we have implemented in our credit union. 

More recently Northern Credit Union engaged WESI to conduct an incubator project in one of Northern Credit Union’s larger markets. The primary goal was to build market lift and also to use this market as a launching pad for new initiatives. Thanks to Pat Palmer and Judy Johnston for their expertise and hands-on approach. Mission accomplished! As a result of the incubator initiative this market is one of the fastest growing in our branch network in 2010. We have also been able to develop an implementation plan for some of the successful initiatives to be launched in some of our other markets. As a by-product of the incubator initiative we have improved overall staff morale at the branches involved, we have developed a heightened degree of self-confidence at the staff level and provided a leadership development opportunity for those involved in spearheading some of the initiatives. This also was an inclusive process requiring member participation through member panels that allowed ideas to be member tested prior to implementation; a key to success. Overall everyone worked hard but had fun doing it! The results of our incubator and the initiatives launched will serve as a key to building long-term growth for Northern Credit Union."

Al Suraci, CGA  
President and CEO, 
Northern Credit Union  
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

"We have used WESI and specifically Pat and Judy in a vital review of our distribution capability and plans. I was thoroughly impressed by their ability to gain rapid insights to our business, to engage with our people and to leverage their many years of international experience to identify risks and opportunities in our plans. This has culminated in a report which will be a very useful guide to our future developments and I look forward to working with Pat and Judy further as we progress." 

Chris Whitehead 
Credit Union Australia 
Brisbane, Australia

"Where Eagles Soar has a wealth of practical, down to earth experience both in tactical and strategic issues facing the retail banking industry. Very service oriented firm and a pleasure to work with.

Rob Pitfield
Executive Vice President
Bank of Nova Scotia
Toronto, Ontario

When the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) decided in 2002 to expand its portfolio of products and services to include advisory services, it began an aggressive search for "best-of-breed" strategic partners. As the premier trade association for the almost 9,000 credit unions in the United States, CUNA not only was looking for advisory firms with the requisite depth and breath of knowledge and experience to assist its member credit unions, but also firms that clearly understand the value proposition of credit unions and share CUNA's commitment to provide services of exceptional quality. Where Eagles Soar, Inc. (WESI) was the first partner chosen, and is one of our most valued service providers. Credit unions of all sizes have turned to CUNA and WESI to help determine appropriate strategies for growth, and to develop, implement, and manage all the various components to achieve their goals. Pat Palmer and his top-tier staff experts are often the first provider we turn to and first engagements have generally turned into subsequent and ongoing projects. We could not have selected a better partner to help us meet the very high expectations that U.S. Credit Unions have of CUNA.”

Mark R. Condon
Senior Vice President
Research and Advisory Services
Credit Union National Association
Madison Wisconsin USA 

Services provided by Where Eagles Soar were nothing short of outstanding! MaPS Credit Union was in need of an expert to help build a better structure with our back office activities.  Steve Hawkins, who represented Where Eagles Soar, came to the credit union to help find solutions to our concerns. The evaluation process using our staff and guided by Mr. Hawkins turned into a very efficient approach.  Not only did we define many better ways of streamlining work routines, we better understood how to gain more efficiencies from staff.  We know we will be able to save staff time so they can work on other activities, and will also be able to reduce staff in one department due to the improved process we gained. Steve Hawkins was easy to work with, has an excellent demeanour with staff, and very supportive with many suggestions as we worked through the processes. Mr. Hawkins’ depth of business experience was apparent with his broad understanding of process flow and how to gain on efficiencies. I would recommend the services of Where Eagle Soar to anyone looking to improve business functions.”  

Daniel C. Penn
President, MaPS Credit Union
Salem Oregon 

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the efficient and professional manner that you handled the results of our employee opinion survey.  The majority of the Board feels that the process was fair and unbiased, as well as helpful to all concerned.  As new Board chair, I look forward to the challenges outlined in your excellent presentation.  Again, on behalf of the City Credit Union Board, my sincere thanks.”
Huey P. May
Chairman of the Board,
City Credit Union

Where Eagles Soar completed an in-depth analysis of our Customer Care process.  They interviewed key stakeholders involved in each part of the process from Operations to the consumer and everyone in between.  Judy Johnston, the Project lead was not afraid to ask difficult, thought provoking questions to ensure a thorough understanding and identification of critical insights of the process.  The end result was an actionable, strong recommendation which put the consumer first at every level in the organization."

Laura Niro
Sr. Director of Marketing,
Janes Family Foods
Toronto Ontario

WESI was contracted to supply a turnkey customer care centre on our behalf. Their network of professionals, coupled with their dynamic and positive project leads, supplied a state of the art, fully functioning call centre in a very short period of time. Utilizing professionals from various countries WESI allowed “us to hit the ground running” by satisfying all our requirements the first time working with Pat, Judy and their team was a totally enjoyable, productive union that I wouldn’t hesitate to use again.

Mark Brabant
Accu-Link Call Centre 

WESI orchestrated a complete A to Z review of our processes and systems designs with a long list of practical and functional change recommendations. The majority of the recommendations were non IT related and allowed us to implement short and long term changes in a priority order with the greatest impacts. Their team approach to gathering data and simplifying findings added to the effectiveness of the process. A very professional and knowledgeable team WESI has added great insight into our operations and has greatly fast-forwarded our improvements for a marked overall efficiency and alignment that will add capacity to our day to day processes.

Lydia Johnson, VP Sales & Service
Brian Forward, VP Credit & Operations
Vancity Credit Union
Vancouver, British Columbia

The team at Where Eagles Soar are experienced professionals who take pride in delivering value added solutions for their clients. I have known Pat Palmer and many of his team for several years and have used their services across several aspects of retail banking, particularly in the areas of distribution. Where Eagles Soar work in partnership with their clients and are exceptionally output focused.

David Liddy
CEO, Bank of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia

"Where Eagles Soar Incorporated (WESI) are providers of a broad range of consulting services, particularly to the financial services industry, with the key deliverables being productivity gains, profitability enhancement and improved customer service. Working with WESI, I have the confidence that I am being supported by a team with a strong track record of success and comprised of experienced professionals who are each practitioners of long standing in their respective areas. I have the comfort as well of knowing that I am part of a partnership relationship where my business partner sees the attainment of my goals as critical. With WESI, the client’s success is their primary objective.

Ronald G. Huggins
Ex Deputy Managing Director
Republic Bank Limited
Port of Spain, Trinidad

Pat Palmer and the WESI group have been a great resource for Redwood Credit Union. I will never forget the first meeting I had with Pat and Judy. I walked out of the meeting feeling energized from such a powerful conversation. Since that day I have used WESI to help me in different situations when I needed to think out of the box regarding an issue.  Most recently they came in and helped us look at our collections process and evaluate where we could improve. They always exceed my expectations and leave me filled with new ideas and renewed energy. I consider them to be a great resource for the credit union and myself. I also consider them to be good friends!”

Brett Martinez
Redwood Credit Union
Santa Rosa, California

Where Eagles Soar Inc. (WESI) has been a valued source of business competence and consulting since I took on the leadership of our financial institutions in 1998. My personal networking has been leveraged to greater advantage through Pat Palmer’s assistance as well as WESI’s alignment of like-minded institutions that share creative visioning. Every engagement with WESI has been a WOW! experience that delivered “the goods” and left an incredibly lasting impression and experience. Eagles do soar at exceptional heights and WESI helps executives enter those jet stream levels with open eyes and minds.” 

Gary Seveny 
Ex-President & CEO 
CS CO-OP and CS Alterna Bank 
Ottawa Ontario

I hereby attest to the invaluable support that the Consultants Pat Palmer and Judy Johnston of ‘Where Eagles Soar Incorporated’ (WESI) have given to this organization in methodologically and surgically tackling the humongous challenge of loan delinquency, which threatened the very solvency of the organization.  Without equivocating, their untiring piloting of this exercise with the use of effective team building skills, the Credit Union is now on a path of turn-around having considerably decreased delinquency during an eight-week intensive period of work with this Credit Union. As the Credit Union continues to come to grips with its challenges, this will be done within the context of honing in on the world re-known skills and expertise of this truly professional organization that WESI has proven to be.

Micah Davis
General Manager, BIU Members Credit Union
Hamilton Bermuda

In 2007, Prosperity ONE initiated a review of our positioning within the marketplace in order to better understand how best to capitalize on the factors that differentiates our credit union from competing financial institutions. We selected Where Eagles Soar (WESI) to assist us with this project, and were immediately impressed by the caring and professional approach demonstrated by Pat, Judy and the WESI team. Pat and Judy effectively engaged our members, team and board during these discussions.  Their ability to understand the feedback within the context of the broader financial services industry, combined with their years of experience, allowed them to translate these messages directly into our positioning objectives.  This combination was a critical factor in producing clear understandable recommendations, which our team was able to act upon immediately.

Having the support of dedicated professionals such as WESI to provide strategic support to our senior team is like having an extra player on our team.”

Michael Shepherd
CEO, Prosperity ONE Credit Union
Milton, Ontario


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