Who We Are 

Where Eagles Soar Inc (WESI) can be your solutions partner in delivering improved performance to all your stakeholders. Our team is a unique group of experienced innovators consisting of Executives, Principals, Associates and Alliance Partners with extensive track records of people centric strategic and operational successes locally and globally in all aspects of consumer and commercial financial services. Additionally, we are supporting executives in other consumer-focused businesses such as utilities, healthcare and the retail trade. You get access to a complete resource of empathetic expertise, which can help you make a real competitive difference.


The Eagles Nest 

  1. Facebook Folly Pat Palmer 28-Mar-2018
  2. Protecting People Pat Palmer 22-Mar-2018
  3. Debt Living Pat Palmer 14-Mar-2018
  4. Commodity Collaboration Pat Palmer 12-Mar-2018
  5. Financial Uncertainty Pat Palmer 04-Mar-2018